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Whole home surge protection

  • Most people have a surge protector for their TV and computer but how many people have surge protection for their refrigerator, range, dryer or other appliances? Whole home surge protection offers protection for everything in your home.
  • Whole home surge protection is one of the most important and cost efficient things you can do to protect your home and its electrical devices.
  • Most surges come from within the home itself. When a large amount of electricity is needed suddenly, such as a when garage door motor or air conditioner turns on, a small surge is generated. These small surges cause wear and tear on electrical components. Whole home surge protection catches these small surges before they reach the
    electrical components.
  • Your time is important and whole home surge protection can typically be installed in an hour or less, letting you get back to your busy day with piece of mind that your home is protected.