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Customer: Mike A.
Date: 12/12/18

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the installation of our garage lights. The electrician that came out was more than helpful and completed our project quickly, cleanly, and skillfully. Great service and will keep your company as a contact for the future.

Customer: April S.
Electricians: John Ritz, Michael Stevens, Justin Cornelius
Date: 9/27/18

You guys don’t disappoint. Your techs were diligent problem solvers in what turned out to be a rat’s nest of bad wiring in the attic. Still, the guys made it look easy, left the place cleaner than before, and watched every detail. I’m a fan/follower – will definitely call again!

Customer: Becky C.
Electrician: Kevin Clutter
Date: 4/10/18

Kevin is a great representative of you guys from Metroplex. Never stopped working! That dedication is truly truly appreciated!

Customer: Roy E.
Electrician: Adam
Date: 4/6/17

Adam is delightful, performed a nice job, and is patient. He is a great representative for your company.

Customer: Rick K.
Electrician: Conway
Date: 3/13/17

Your team did a wonderful job.

Customer: Melvin C.
Electrician: Rob
Date: 1/16/17

My technician was very professional. Thank you.

Customer: Travis R.
Electrician: Chris, Rodger
Date: 12/9/16

Don need to tell you again. Your team did a great job and we really appreciate their attention to detail. They suffered well the two year old that occasionally wanted to help (he has his own tool set) and of the dog. But the dog got so used them, she pretty much ignored them. The men were wearing the tool belts – so now the two year old wants a tool belt to carry his tools in. So Patti is out looking for tool belts that will fit a two year old.

In the end, they were not able to upgrade two of the plugs on the south-side of the entertainment room – however, they did do one plug in the hall and added a plug to the front porch. Other than the plug we did not do any of the upgrades to the lighting in the hallway.

Look forward to having you back in the new year to continue the upgrades.

Customer: Carter G.
Electrician: Several
Date: 10/3/16

Jim and Don, I would like to thank you all for your help on making the festival a great success. Your crew was so valuable these past few weeks trying to set up the electrical to all the sites we needed power at for the festival and future power for our Christmas lights at the capital. Saturday was probably the smoothest we had there (electrically speaking) since I have been associated with this project. Please inform your crew they did an OUTSTANDING job for us. Again thank you for all you did for us.

Customer: Parkview Adventist Academy
Electrician: John
Date: 12/15/16

Thank you so very much for your generous donation of electrical work to the Parkview Adventist Academy in August.

YOU sent two trucks and four workers to complete a number of projects that we weren’t sure how we were going to get finished. The assistance you provided allowed Parkview to have a working water fountain in the gymnasium, working ceiling fans, and lights that don’t blow the breakers every time they are turned on. The teachers have commented several times how appreciative they are for the work that was completed. Your generosity has helped to make this school year smoother for the teachers and the students.

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